Bio Bidet BB-300 Universal

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The Standalone Bio Bidet BB-300The Bio Bidet BB-300 Universal is unique in that it can be installed on either side of the toilet and fits any toilet, whether it’s a one piece, a two piece, round or elongated. Read more

Brondell Swash 550

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The Brondell 550 BidetThe Brondell Swash 550 has a wide variety of premium bidet features at a price that won’t break the bank.  It has an instant heater which ensures you’ll never run out of warm water when doing the deed.  The Swash 450 also has side-mounted bidet controls for easy access and features a large seat for maximum comfort. Read more

Ace HS 1000 Bidet

An Affordable Bidet from Ace - The HS 1000

The Ace HS 1000 is a bidet that can be easily installed on any existing toilet. It includes all of the tools that you’ll need along with a detailed manual to ensure that anyone can easily install this toilet seat bidet.

If you’re looking for all of the hygienic benefits of more expensive bidets without the cost, the Ace HS 1000 bidet might be the perfect solution. Read more

Updating Your Small Bathroom With A Toilet-Seat Bidet

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smallbathroomRenovating your bathroom?  It’s a great time to change up your bathroom’s looks, with all sorts of options in fixtures and decorations available today.  Even without a large space available, you can fix up your bathroom to foster as much luxury and comfort as you desire with the right choice in modern amenities.

When researching possible makeovers you can perform on your bathroom, you will likely come across the suggestion of installing a bidet.  Combining comfort, function and water conservation in a single fixture, every modern bathroom should come with one.

However, European style bidets, which require installing a separate washer basin, isn’t the most practical for small bathrooms.  The space it takes up will have to eat into other areas of the washroom – potentially affecting the size of your shower area and sink.

Instead of foregoing the creature comforts and unique benefits of this fixture, though, you can opt for a toilet seat bidet.  Requiring no more space than you already have, you can simply install it in place of your current toilet seat, providing all the same benefits without taking up extra room.

If you have the funds for it, spring for a high-end toilet seat bidet, which comes with all the luxury and opulence you can desire from a bathroom amenity.  Think about it: heated seats, warm water spray, hot air dryer, seat sensors, remote controlled seat covers and all sorts of other brilliant functions.  Isn’t that what every modern bathroom should offer?

Hand-Held Bidets Versus Toilet Seat Bidets

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While toilet seat bidets have been the most popular choice among people looking to install these toilet paper replacements, hand-held bidets have been coming up in prominence as market alternatives.  How well do these hand-controlled sprayers perform compared to their seat-fitted counterparts?


The main selling point for hand-held bidets have always been the ease by which they allow you to control the direction of the water.  Instead of having to do the “Dirty Boogie” or any similar motion, you can freely move the device around the area that needs to be cleaned.  You can use it to jet the water out front or from behind, without much restrictions on angles and positioning.


While hand-held bidet manufacturers tout its convenient use, it’s actually a bit harder to clean with one in tow than a regular toilet seat rig.  When cleaning your posterior, for instance, you may need to get up from the seat a bit to allow the device to slip through.  I, personally, find it a more awkward posture than having to wiggle around when using a  typical toilet seat bidet.   Additionally, having to reach out for a separate device actually makes it extra work, compared to the single-push convenience of a seat-installed bidet.


Personally, I think hand-held bidets are great for washing.  If they allow high water pressure, you can even use them as an alternate hose when cleaning your bathroom.  However, they do take up extra space and, with a hanging water hose, isn’t the safest to have lying around.  Also, if you enjoy having plenty of features on your bidet, such as hot water or warm air dryer, a toilet seat model should easily provide it.

Toilet Seat Bidets Versus European-Style Bidets

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My first experience using a toilet seat bidet is in a hotel in the Far East.  Asian bidets, unlike their European counterparts, are usually attachments that are put in place of where the toilet seats used to be.  With tight space always seeming to be a major consideration in that part of the world, the tack-on design made a lot of sense.

While I find great value in separate bidets, I’ve always been partial to the toilet seat attachment variety and recommend it to everyone who asks me about installing one in their bathrooms.  There are plenty of good reasons why an add-on bidet is better idea for majority of homeowners.

1. It’s cheaper

With fewer materials and less plumbing work needed to install them, toilet seat bidets are hands-down the more economical choice.  With recent advancements in these low-cost bidets, there isn’t really that much of a difference in the amount of cleaning they can facilitate.  As long as you know how to work your body for a thorough wash, you’ll be good.

2. Less space requirements

The space that a separate bidet will take can easily be used for other fixtures like a towel hanger or just additional legroom.  Unless you live in a million-dollar home with plenty of space to spare, an attachment bidet should give you the same functions without leaving your bathroom a little too crowded for comfort.

3. Installs fast

A toilet seat bidet can be installed and tested within a few hours, requiring little in the way of extra work.  Those separate bidets with their own basin can require an entire day to outfit, requiring new plumbing, drains and more.  Put those two options side by side and the choice isn’t really that hard, is it?

Toilet Seat Bidets

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The Coco 6235R Toilet Seat BidetToilet seat bidets are a relatively new invention which allows you to receive all of the benefits of a bidet with any toilet that your house currently has.  High-end toilet seat bidets offer all of the luxurious and modern technological benefits of shower toilets at a much lower price and without complicated installations. Read more

Add-on Bidets

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Toilet Seat Bidet - Toto S400 WashletIn this category of bidet, toilet seat bidets can convert any normal toilet into a shower toilet with a minimum investment and a small amount of plumbing and electrical work.  For most higher end toilet seat bidets to work, it’s necessary to hook it up to the cold water line that runs into your toilet and also to have an electrical outlet located near your toilet.  This category also includes handheld and portable bidets. Read more

The Shower Toilet Bidet

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Toto Neorest 600 Shower Toilet BidetThe shower toilet is a combination of a toilet and a toilet seat bidet, all in one unit.  It was invented in 1957 by Hans Maurer of Switzerland.  He came up with the idea to combine the functionality of a bidet with a toilet, saving money and space as a result.  He called his invention the “Clos-o-Mat” which created an entirely new type of bidet, the shower toilet. Read more

How to Choose a Toilet Seat Bidet

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How to Choose a Toilet Seat Bidet

If you’re tired of spending hundreds of dollars on toilet paper, a toilet seat bidet attachment is a great choice!  They help save the world’s trees and are more hygienic and fresh than just using toilet paper.  While they haven’t yet caught on in the United States, bidets are popular all over the world as a cost-saving and hygienic solution. Read more

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