Bidets For More Than Just Cleaning

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bidetlefthandModern premium bidets do more than simple cleaning, with features sometimes crossing over to the realm of the odd.

When I go to Japan, for instance, I regularly come across bidets that play music, in case you want to have a soundtrack playing in the background while you’re relieving yourself.  From pictures, I’ve seen bidets targeted towards senior citizens that come with a blood pressure monitor or some other medical contraption.  Personally, I’d like a bidet with a TV built-in – I just don’t know how they’ll arrange for it.

If you’ve ever considered getting a premium bidet, realize that many of them will come with a large suite of functions that can turn bathroom use into a pleasurable experience.  Heated seats, for instance, can totally warm you up on a chilly day while a massaging feature can bring a relaxing massage to extremely tired thighs.  Imagine that while reading your favorite magazine on a cold Sunday morning.

Some bidets, in fact, can be too comfortable in their functions that you’ll probably end up staying in the washroom longer than you should be doing.  Think of a premium bidet the way a luxurious tub can change the way you bathe.  Instead of hitting the shower and stepping out in a few minutes, you can end lounging in the tub’s caressing water for hours on end.  Premium bidets, with all the conveniences they afford, can feel the same way – a glorious bathroom luxury for you to enjoy.


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