Ace HS 1000 Bidet

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An Affordable Bidet from Ace - The HS 1000

The Ace HS 1000 is a bidet that can be easily installed on any existing toilet. It includes all of the tools that you’ll need along with a detailed manual to ensure that anyone can easily install this toilet seat bidet.

If you’re looking for all of the hygienic benefits of more expensive bidets without the cost, the Ace HS 1000 bidet might be the perfect solution.

  • Strong water spray that is both gentle and effective
  • Self-cleaning, sliding bidet nozzle
  • High quality brass fittings for extra reliability
  • Bidet nozzle is adjustable
  • Powerful bidet spray with enema effect
  • Easy cold water connection
  • Fits all 2-piece toilets

Bidet Features of the Ace HS 1000

The ACE HS 1000 is a great bidet bargain at under $100 from some websites.  While it lacks most of the perks of more expensive bidets, it’s a high quality, no frills bidet.

Ace HS 1000 MSRP: $149.95

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One Comment on "Ace HS 1000 Bidet"

  1. Laura on Sat, 21st Feb 2009 1:47 pm 

    Overall Rating33333

    This bidet is exactly what it says above: no-frills. Unfortunately it’s not really that sturdy either, and the nozzle doesn’t have a very wide range of motion. I would suspect for a guy this model would be just fine, but I wouldn’t say it meets my “feminine” needs. You get what you pay for, however, and $100 is hard to beat when you consider that these things can go up to $1000. Still, I’d probably leap for something a little higher in quality the next time around.

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