Toilet Seat Bidets

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The Coco 6235R Toilet Seat BidetToilet seat bidets are a relatively new invention which allows you to receive all of the benefits of a bidet with any toilet that your house currently has.  High-end toilet seat bidets offer all of the luxurious and modern technological benefits of shower toilets at a much lower price and without complicated installations.

The simplest form of toilet seat bidet is simply a bidet nozzle that clamps on to the toilet and attaches to the water line, allowing you to control the water flow and sometimes the temperature as well.  These can be purchased for under $100 and can be easily added on to any existing toilet.  They lack the fancy frills of their more expensive siblings, but are a good way for anyone to begin experiencing the benefits of a bidet.  These types of toilet seat bidets have a few drawbacks, including their fixed position which forces it to spray the water up and forward, pushing fecal matter towards the genitals.  The fixed position also causes problems with multiple people using the same toilet not being able to get the positioning that they require.

The problem of these bidets having a fixed position can be fixed by purchasing a unit which has an adjustable swing arm.  This allows the nozzle to be positioned directly under the anus which prevents fecal matter from being pushed towards your genitals.  Bidets like these can also be found that offer warm water sprays.  This is usually accomplished by an on-demand water heater that uses an electrical connection to heat the water as it’s going through the bidet.  Other models use the hot water line from your sink, which doesn’t require electricity, but may require unsightly plumbing and a long warm-up time.

The most expensive toilet seat bidets have remote controls, warm air dryer, hydraulic seats, built-in deodorizers and multiple adjustments, including nozzle position, water temperature and seat temperature.  They offer the same comforts and convenience of a shower toilet at a much lower price and don’t require a brand new toilet installation.

If you’ve been looking at the benefits  of a shower toilet but don’t want the high price or the hassle of a complicated installation, a toilet seat bidet might be the perfect solution.  They’re much more affordable, easy to install and offer the same space-saving benefits of a shower toilet.


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