Toilet Seat Bidets Versus European-Style Bidets

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My first experience using a toilet seat bidet is in a hotel in the Far East.  Asian bidets, unlike their European counterparts, are usually attachments that are put in place of where the toilet seats used to be.  With tight space always seeming to be a major consideration in that part of the world, the tack-on design made a lot of sense.

While I find great value in separate bidets, I’ve always been partial to the toilet seat attachment variety and recommend it to everyone who asks me about installing one in their bathrooms.  There are plenty of good reasons why an add-on bidet is better idea for majority of homeowners.

1. It’s cheaper

With fewer materials and less plumbing work needed to install them, toilet seat bidets are hands-down the more economical choice.  With recent advancements in these low-cost bidets, there isn’t really that much of a difference in the amount of cleaning they can facilitate.  As long as you know how to work your body for a thorough wash, you’ll be good.

2. Less space requirements

The space that a separate bidet will take can easily be used for other fixtures like a towel hanger or just additional legroom.  Unless you live in a million-dollar home with plenty of space to spare, an attachment bidet should give you the same functions without leaving your bathroom a little too crowded for comfort.

3. Installs fast

A toilet seat bidet can be installed and tested within a few hours, requiring little in the way of extra work.  Those separate bidets with their own basin can require an entire day to outfit, requiring new plumbing, drains and more.  Put those two options side by side and the choice isn’t really that hard, is it?


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