Hand-Held Bidets Versus Toilet Seat Bidets

February 26, 2009 by  
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While toilet seat bidets have been the most popular choice among people looking to install these toilet paper replacements, hand-held bidets have been coming up in prominence as market alternatives.  How well do these hand-controlled sprayers perform compared to their seat-fitted counterparts?


The main selling point for hand-held bidets have always been the ease by which they allow you to control the direction of the water.  Instead of having to do the “Dirty Boogie” or any similar motion, you can freely move the device around the area that needs to be cleaned.  You can use it to jet the water out front or from behind, without much restrictions on angles and positioning.


While hand-held bidet manufacturers tout its convenient use, it’s actually a bit harder to clean with one in tow than a regular toilet seat rig.  When cleaning your posterior, for instance, you may need to get up from the seat a bit to allow the device to slip through.  I, personally, find it a more awkward posture than having to wiggle around when using a  typical toilet seat bidet.   Additionally, having to reach out for a separate device actually makes it extra work, compared to the single-push convenience of a seat-installed bidet.


Personally, I think hand-held bidets are great for washing.  If they allow high water pressure, you can even use them as an alternate hose when cleaning your bathroom.  However, they do take up extra space and, with a hanging water hose, isn’t the safest to have lying around.  Also, if you enjoy having plenty of features on your bidet, such as hot water or warm air dryer, a toilet seat model should easily provide it.