Ace HS 3000 Bidet

The HS 3000 Bidet from Ace

The Ace HS 3000 is a bidet that can be easily installed on any existing toilet.  It includes all of the tools that you’ll need along with a detailed manual to ensure that anyone can easily install this toilet seat bidet.

If you’re looking for all of the hygienic benefits of more expensive bidets without the cost, the Ace HS 3000 bidet might be the perfect solution. Read more

Benefits of Bidets – Elderly and Handicapped

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Benefits of Bidets - Elderly and HandicappedThe elderly and the handicapped are two growing groups of bidet users.  Due to physical limitations, using a toilet can be difficult or impossible for some people, which makes the bidet an ideal candidate for them.

For people who have difficulty moving or pain while doing so, a bidet can provide much relief over a standard toilet.  By simply sitting down, doing their business, and then standing up, one can eliminate all of the extra exertion and pain of wiping.  This can be extremely difficult for those with arthritis, muscular dystrophy or multiple sclerosis. Read more

Sanicare 1000 Bidet

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The Sanicare 1000 Bidet

Similar to the Sanicare 900 bidet, the Sanicare 1000 adds extra controls for a more customized and comfortable bidet cleaning experience.  The Sanicare 1000 also allows you to use both cold and warm water hookups. Read more

Brondell Swash 550

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The Brondell 550 BidetThe Brondell Swash 550 has a wide variety of premium bidet features at a price that won’t break the bank.  It has an instant heater which ensures you’ll never run out of warm water when doing the deed.  The Swash 450 also has side-mounted bidet controls for easy access and features a large seat for maximum comfort. Read more

Ace HS 1000 Bidet

An Affordable Bidet from Ace - The HS 1000

The Ace HS 1000 is a bidet that can be easily installed on any existing toilet. It includes all of the tools that you’ll need along with a detailed manual to ensure that anyone can easily install this toilet seat bidet.

If you’re looking for all of the hygienic benefits of more expensive bidets without the cost, the Ace HS 1000 bidet might be the perfect solution. Read more

Ask Amy – Bidet Party

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Ask Amy - Bidet Party

Ask Amy - Bidet Party

We found an interesting article while searching for bidet news about a woman who thinks it’s “tasteless” for a neighbor of hers to throw a “bidet party” after her bathroom renovation is complete.  She goes on about how she assumes her neighbor is trying to be funny with the invitation, and she wants to know what she should do. Read more

Bidets For More Than Just Cleaning

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bidetlefthandModern premium bidets do more than simple cleaning, with features sometimes crossing over to the realm of the odd.

When I go to Japan, for instance, I regularly come across bidets that play music, in case you want to have a soundtrack playing in the background while you’re relieving yourself.  From pictures, I’ve seen bidets targeted towards senior citizens that come with a blood pressure monitor or some other medical contraption.  Personally, I’d like a bidet with a TV built-in – I just don’t know how they’ll arrange for it.

If you’ve ever considered getting a premium bidet, realize that many of them will come with a large suite of functions that can turn bathroom use into a pleasurable experience.  Heated seats, for instance, can totally warm you up on a chilly day while a massaging feature can bring a relaxing massage to extremely tired thighs.  Imagine that while reading your favorite magazine on a cold Sunday morning.

Some bidets, in fact, can be too comfortable in their functions that you’ll probably end up staying in the washroom longer than you should be doing.  Think of a premium bidet the way a luxurious tub can change the way you bathe.  Instead of hitting the shower and stepping out in a few minutes, you can end lounging in the tub’s caressing water for hours on end.  Premium bidets, with all the conveniences they afford, can feel the same way – a glorious bathroom luxury for you to enjoy.

Easing Hemorrhoids By Using A Bidet

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facepainHemorrhoids can be exceedingly painful.  Until you go in and have it operated on, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to able to relieve yourself comfortably, much less wipe the area down with toilet paper without irritating the condition.

What Are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoid pain is caused by venous swelling beneath the skin in the area around or inside the anal sphincter.  Dilated and swollen, they can make the affected area appear like mounds of flesh sticking out of the anal walls.

Most of the time, hemorrhoids are caused by unusually forceful straining when you’re trying to pass stool, creating repeated pressure on the veins.  This can be aggravated by various conditions, including constipation, low fiber intake, obesity and diarrhea.

Aggravating The Condition

If you already suffer from hemorrhoids, know that the condition can be aggravated if you don’t follow proper care.  Using toilet paper, for instance, can easily exacerbate your condition, potentially developing into a painful bleeding mass that puts you at high risk of potential infection.  Would you really risk rubbing soiled fecal matter with all that bacteria into an already wounded area?

Using A Bidet

Bidets, simply put, are indispensable for hemorrhoid sufferers.  With a steady stream of soothing water to cleanse your bottom, you can leave yourself clean, without incurring the danger of further infection.  Since you’re not touching anywhere near the affected veins, you don’t have to experience the unspeakable pain that sufferers who use toilet paper subject themselves through.

You Know It’s Time To Get A Bidet When…

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bidettime1. You’ve run out of toilet paper for the second time this month

When are you gonna learn?  With a bidet installed, you can say goodbye to running out of toilet paper and having to clean yourself up in the shower, getting bits and pieces of your dirty excrement all over the tiles.  Toilet paper gets used up.  A bidet, on the other hand, will always be there when you need it.

2. Reaching out behind you is just a tad too hard

If you hurt your arm and can’t move it, reaching out to wipe your ass down probably isn’t an available option.  What are you going to do, ask someone else to clean your dirty bum for you?

3. Your bum’s a little too sensitive

Does toilet paper hurt to use?  It probably does if you’ve got hemorrhoids or have extra sensitive skin on your posterior.  Of course, you can always buy softer, virgin-grade toilet paper but even that may prove a little abrasive.  A bidet solves all that, washing your butt with a gentle gush of cleansing water that neither hurts nor irritates.

4. You discover that your ass stinks

Is it that hard to realize that your ass probably stinks when all you do is wipe it down every time you use the bathroom?  Why live with a stinking posterior when you can remove all that smell by washing with a bidet?

Teaching Children To Use A Bidet

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childbidetWhen potty training your child, it would be a good idea to introduce them to using a bidet as well.  After all, what better way to raise them avoiding toilet papers entirely than to get them used to washing themselves with a cleansing gush of water?

Easy To Learn

Since a bidet facilitates very easy cleaning, it won’t be all that hard to learn.  In fact, the convenience of a bidet will probably make the whole process easy.  There’s no toilet paper to wipe with and no difficult areas to reach into.  Just teach them what buttons to press to get clean and it’s done.

The Bidet Is Not A Toy

That’s a lesson that you’ll probably need to repeat a dozen or so times.  Kids are naturally playful and curious, so a contraption with buttons and dials is automatically a source of amusement.  Once they discover the gushing water that spouts, seats that heat up and air that magically blows, it’s not too far-fetched to imagine the bidet-fitted toilet bowl as a setting for the next superhero battle.  Needless to say, it’s doesn’t seem all that palatable to have your kid turning the toilet into a playground for an extended amount of time.

Teaching Hygiene

When you teach your children about a bidet, make sure to point out that it’s a lesson about hygiene.  Bidets are great pieces of technology that allows you to stay fresh, smell good and avoid bacterial infections that can result out of improper cleaning.

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