Benefits of Bidets – Elderly and Handicapped

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Benefits of Bidets - Elderly and HandicappedThe elderly and the handicapped are two growing groups of bidet users.  Due to physical limitations, using a toilet can be difficult or impossible for some people, which makes the bidet an ideal candidate for them.

For people who have difficulty moving or pain while doing so, a bidet can provide much relief over a standard toilet.  By simply sitting down, doing their business, and then standing up, one can eliminate all of the extra exertion and pain of wiping.  This can be extremely difficult for those with arthritis, muscular dystrophy or multiple sclerosis. Read more

Easing Hemorrhoids By Using A Bidet

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facepainHemorrhoids can be exceedingly painful.  Until you go in and have it operated on, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to able to relieve yourself comfortably, much less wipe the area down with toilet paper without irritating the condition.

What Are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoid pain is caused by venous swelling beneath the skin in the area around or inside the anal sphincter.  Dilated and swollen, they can make the affected area appear like mounds of flesh sticking out of the anal walls.

Most of the time, hemorrhoids are caused by unusually forceful straining when you’re trying to pass stool, creating repeated pressure on the veins.  This can be aggravated by various conditions, including constipation, low fiber intake, obesity and diarrhea.

Aggravating The Condition

If you already suffer from hemorrhoids, know that the condition can be aggravated if you don’t follow proper care.  Using toilet paper, for instance, can easily exacerbate your condition, potentially developing into a painful bleeding mass that puts you at high risk of potential infection.  Would you really risk rubbing soiled fecal matter with all that bacteria into an already wounded area?

Using A Bidet

Bidets, simply put, are indispensable for hemorrhoid sufferers.  With a steady stream of soothing water to cleanse your bottom, you can leave yourself clean, without incurring the danger of further infection.  Since you’re not touching anywhere near the affected veins, you don’t have to experience the unspeakable pain that sufferers who use toilet paper subject themselves through.

Are Bidets Really Necessary?

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bidetnecessaryThat’s the question I was asked by a neighbor who was considering getting one.   I didn’t know either.  I have found bidets more sanitary and hygienic than spreading my soil with toilet paper but necessity was never an issue I really considered.

I asked a doctor and according to him, it medically isn’t.  His argument made sense too.  When it comes to cleaning the posterior and genital areas, toilet paper can do the trick when done right.  If washing was ever a better option than wiping, then showering on the area should do the same thing.

He did note that it didn’t mean bidets weren’t helpful, though.  For instance, bidets can assist cleaning for those with hemmorhoids and post-birth trauma in ways no other bathroom implement can.  The same goes for seniors who will otherwise have a hard time cleaning their privates any other way.

“If bidets had a single source of appeal, it would be the comfort it lends to cleaning,” he added.  After all, it is quite the hassle to do your business on the toilet then have to get up to wash in the shower.  With bidets, you do it all in one place.  If you have a unit with a warm air drier installed, you can even do your drying right on the same spot too.

So do I think bidets are necessary?   For me, it is.  I’ve been spoiled by its comforts and can’t imagine using the bathroom any other way.  Once you try one, I’m almost certain you’re going to feel the same way.

Benefits of a Bidet – Pregnant Women

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How Bidets Can Help Pregnant WomenDuring pregnancy, women experience several different factors which can lead to a decrease in their ability to feel fresh and clean.  The changes in hormones can often cause changes in the chemistry of their vagina, leading to embarrassing odors and difficulty in keeping the area clean.  Bidets are an easy way to ensure that a woman’s pregnancy doesn’t mean that she has to compromise her hygiene and confidence. Read more

The Benefits of a Bidet

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What is a Bidet?

A bidet is a bathroom fixture that helps to maintain cleanliness after going to the bathroom.  They can also be helpful for menstruating women as well as the elderly and disabled who find it hard to clean themselves using simply toilet paper.  A bidet can be either a separate bathroom fixture or a toilet seat bidet which attaches in place of your normal toilet seat.  They use your existing water supply to shoot a stream of water at the anus or vagina to gently clean and refresh without the harshness of toilet paper. Read more