Easing Hemorrhoids By Using A Bidet

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facepainHemorrhoids can be exceedingly painful.  Until you go in and have it operated on, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to able to relieve yourself comfortably, much less wipe the area down with toilet paper without irritating the condition.

What Are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoid pain is caused by venous swelling beneath the skin in the area around or inside the anal sphincter.  Dilated and swollen, they can make the affected area appear like mounds of flesh sticking out of the anal walls.

Most of the time, hemorrhoids are caused by unusually forceful straining when you’re trying to pass stool, creating repeated pressure on the veins.  This can be aggravated by various conditions, including constipation, low fiber intake, obesity and diarrhea.

Aggravating The Condition

If you already suffer from hemorrhoids, know that the condition can be aggravated if you don’t follow proper care.  Using toilet paper, for instance, can easily exacerbate your condition, potentially developing into a painful bleeding mass that puts you at high risk of potential infection.  Would you really risk rubbing soiled fecal matter with all that bacteria into an already wounded area?

Using A Bidet

Bidets, simply put, are indispensable for hemorrhoid sufferers.  With a steady stream of soothing water to cleanse your bottom, you can leave yourself clean, without incurring the danger of further infection.  Since you’re not touching anywhere near the affected veins, you don’t have to experience the unspeakable pain that sufferers who use toilet paper subject themselves through.


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