Are Bidets Really Necessary?

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bidetnecessaryThat’s the question I was asked by a neighbor who was considering getting one.   I didn’t know either.  I have found bidets more sanitary and hygienic than spreading my soil with toilet paper but necessity was never an issue I really considered.

I asked a doctor and according to him, it medically isn’t.  His argument made sense too.  When it comes to cleaning the posterior and genital areas, toilet paper can do the trick when done right.  If washing was ever a better option than wiping, then showering on the area should do the same thing.

He did note that it didn’t mean bidets weren’t helpful, though.  For instance, bidets can assist cleaning for those with hemmorhoids and post-birth trauma in ways no other bathroom implement can.  The same goes for seniors who will otherwise have a hard time cleaning their privates any other way.

“If bidets had a single source of appeal, it would be the comfort it lends to cleaning,” he added.  After all, it is quite the hassle to do your business on the toilet then have to get up to wash in the shower.  With bidets, you do it all in one place.  If you have a unit with a warm air drier installed, you can even do your drying right on the same spot too.

So do I think bidets are necessary?   For me, it is.  I’ve been spoiled by its comforts and can’t imagine using the bathroom any other way.  Once you try one, I’m almost certain you’re going to feel the same way.


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