Bio Bidet BB-200

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The Environmentally Friendly Bio Bidet BB-200The Bio Bidet BB-200 toilet seat bidet doesn’t use any electricity or a battery, meaning it can not only save you on toilet paper use and cost, but is also much cheaper and environmentally friendly than most bidets!

Bio Bidet BB-200 Features:

  • User controls to use warm or cold water
  • Bidet temperature is adjustable
  • Your bathroom sink’s hot-water line acts as the warm water source
  • Bidet water pressure controls
  • Self-cleaning nozzle
  • No electricity or battery required, saving you money

With its environmentally friendly operation and surprising amount of premium options, the Bio Bidet BB-200 makes a great starter bidet for anyone looking to save money and help the Earth.

How to Install the Bio Bidet BB-200

Bio Bidet BB-200 MSRP:  $229

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2 Comments on "Bio Bidet BB-200"

  1. Judith Klau on Fri, 5th Dec 2008 11:17 am 

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    I have had a biobidet BB-200 installed for about 5 years, and it has started to leak from the console. I cannot reach the mfrs/sales people by phone or email for help, so I am ready to buy something else. I think the old adage: cheap is cheap is in effect here. All of the plastic parts have also turned yellow, but that is not so big a deal as the leaking.

  2. Jackson on Sat, 1st Aug 2009 10:23 pm 

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    I have a BB-250. A more advanced version of this. It worked well for the last few months, but it started having problems last week. The cleaning button wouldn’t pop back up. A common problem it turns out with the Bio Bidets. I kept working it and working it and finally it’s popping up like it used to. But now it’s leaking out the bottom. Not a whole lot, but like a leaky faucet rendering it useless. I would send it in for warranty service since it’s still under warranty but I can’t find my receipt. So I decided to open it up to see what’s going on. It is fairly cheaply made. It’s all plastic in there. Looks like it should be sold for $20 and $150. It’s just leaking from where two pipes meet up. I might try changing the o ring. It doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence. Luckily I was here for it to start leaking but I go on trips for 2 weeks at a time fairly regularly. If it had happened when I was gone it would have been a wet homecoming.

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