The French Bidet

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The French BidetMore prevalent than the classic bidet, the French bidet has the same basic structure with a jet of water that sprays out of the bottom of the bidet.  This convenience makes it much easier to clean the anus and genital areas without having to splash water to cleanse yourself.

The first French bidets used cranks and water reservoirs to accomplish this.  In order to clean yourself you had to fill the bidet reservoir and turn the crank to provide the necessary jet pressure.  Today, a house’s water pressure takes care of the tiresome cranking and provides a powerful jet spray that can be either cold or warm water, or any mixture of the two.

Just like the classic bidet, a French bidet requires you to straddle the bowl while facing towards the wall and faucet handles.  Some models reverse this setup, giving you a more familiar seating arrangement, facing the same way as you would on a toilet.

French bidets are not meant to replace toilet paper, and Europeans generally wipe with toilet paper before using the bidet.  The French bidet is also not intended for urination or defecation of any kind, so please don’t make that mistake in someone’s bidet!

This type of bidet can also be used for a quick cleansing of the anus or genitals, even without going to the bathroom first.  Some people enjoy being able to “shower” the parts of them that need washing the most, without the amount of waste that a full shower would take.  It’s also much more convenient and doesn’t require the removal of your clothes.


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  1. jonathan a. squires on Thu, 18th Aug 2011 2:45 pm 

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    While I have never actually used one..I once lived in a house on “Via Huerto” in Hope Ranch..a sub-division of Santa Barbara, Ca. and my bathroom had one..looked @ it but never had the time to fig. out how to use it…too busy learning the in’s and out’s of trading the NYSE and NDAQ….while working as a waiter @ the Santa Barbara Biltmore Hotel as a “busboy”..also washed windows in said ranch..under the Name..”Crystal Window Cleaning”…but back to the subject @ hand…are these “Bidet’s”, all they are “Cracked- up” to be?

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