Installing a Bidet Attachment

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Tutorial on Installing a Bidet Attachment

If you don’t have the space or the money to install a traditional bidet, a bidet attachment makes a great choice and is even superior in some ways!  This guide will provide you with easy-to-follow steps to ensure that your bidet attachment is quick and simple.

  1. Take the toilet seat off of your existing toilet.  This is usually accomplished by unscrewing the attachment screws that keep your toilet seat bolted down.
  2. Clean the attachment and mounting screws as well as the entire toilet before installing the bidet.
  3. Take your brand new bidet attachment and place it flat-side down on your toilet.  Match up the attachment screws with the holes on the bidet.  Attach the bidet as if it were your old toilet seat.
  4. Drain the tank of your toilet by first shutting off the supply line hose and then flushing until all water has been removed.  Remove your water supply from your toilet’s tank.
  5. Use the instructions provided with your bidet attachment to attach the bidet’s adapter to your water supply line.  Usually this is in the form of an adapter that diverts the water flow to your bidet attachment when it is needed.
  6. Ensure that all connections are tightened and secure before turning the water back on.  Over the next few days you’ll want to check all connections to ensure that there aren’t any leaks.

If you have any further questions about installing a bidet, contact the manufacturer.  If you don’t feel comfortable installing a bidet (it’s really quite easy!) you can call a plumber and have them install it for you.


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