Hot & Cold Water Bidets

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hotcoldbidetMost of us probably started our bidet experiences with a non-electronic regular unit that sprays water directly from the pipes.  It works just as ably when cleaning your posterior, although the sensation can be quite a shock when it first hits you during cold weather.

Spraying Dirt Out

Some people shun cold water bidets because it may not clean as well as warm water.  That couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Bidets facilitate their washing by spraying the soil out of your skin, not because of the temperature.  Warm water does feel cleaner, although, there’s really little difference in their actual results.

Water pressure is actually a more important factor when it comes to cleansing effectiveness.  As long as your bidet offers varying strengths of spraying, it should prove to clean your bum just as competently as more expensive counterparts.

Electronic Comforts

Electronic bidets can do more than spray hot aerated water, though, and that’s where they take a huge leap over regular bidets when it comes to overall usefulness.  Using the toilet just becomes leagues more pleasant with heated seats, warm dryers and other amenities in tow.

Drying Issues

Many cold water bidet users have to pat down their posteriors after washing, which most folks often perform with toilet papers.  Those who wish to completely make do without the wasteful pulp product make use of a small cloth like a hand towel in its place.  A few have claimed not bothering to pat down but I think that would be a bit too cold for comfort.

Electronic bidet users are usually covered on that end with most units coming with a  dryer in tow.  One flick of a button and a steady stream of warm air starts blowing on your wet bottom to round out your cleaning.


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  1. glori conrad on Sat, 26th Jan 2013 9:09 am 

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    The bidet we had 15 years ago had a resevoir that heated the water. The float gave out on that one so we bought a new one that has an inline heater. The water coming from our well is about 40 degrees and the in-line heater just can’t warm up the water to a comfortable temperature. Do you know any other bidets that may have a resevoir for warm water?

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