Hand-held Bidets

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The Affordable Italia Hand BidetOne of the most rare types of bidets in the U.S. are the handheld bidets.  They’re probably the most simple bidets in existence, as they require you to operate and aim them yourself without any mechanical or electrical workings.

Attached to Toilet

Hand-held bidets that are attached to a toilet resemble the vegetable cleaner that are attached to some kitchen sinks.  They have a handle which you squeeze to release the jet spray.  They’re a very simple and cheap way to receive the cleaning benefits of a bidet without paying extra for all of the frills of more expensive bidets.

Traveling Bidet

A popular way for travelers to still maintain that bidet clean that they’ve become accustomed to is the traveling bidet.  It resembles a Water-Pic and has its own water reservoir and uses batteries.  These handheld bidets can be great when visiting parts of the world with unfamiliar or primitive bathroom situations.  Oftentimes they feature different jet heads for an adjustable spray and also give you the benefit of filling them with water of any temperature.  You can also use a cleaning agent in the bidet’s reservoir for extra cleansing power.

While these traveling bidets are great for the person on the go, they’re not going to replace your standard bidet anytime soon.  The need for battery power limits the strength of the spray and the small amount of water that can fit in the reservoir rules out any intensive cleaning.  Still, they can be a godsend to anyone who’s nervous about what their bathroom arrangements will be or simply want to bring the bidet experience with them wherever they go.


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