Benefits of Bidets – Elderly and Handicapped

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Benefits of Bidets - Elderly and HandicappedThe elderly and the handicapped are two growing groups of bidet users.  Due to physical limitations, using a toilet can be difficult or impossible for some people, which makes the bidet an ideal candidate for them.

For people who have difficulty moving or pain while doing so, a bidet can provide much relief over a standard toilet.  By simply sitting down, doing their business, and then standing up, one can eliminate all of the extra exertion and pain of wiping.  This can be extremely difficult for those with arthritis, muscular dystrophy or multiple sclerosis.

The bidet can also reduce the amount of showers that an elderly or handicapped person feels like they must take.  Studies show that the shower is one of the most dangerous places for a physically challenged person, making it important to reduce the amount of time and trips necessary for them to feel clean.

As people age there’s an added risk of bladder or vaginal infections.  Bidets are great at reducing this risk and even offer dual nozzles that can provide anal cleansing as well as feminine cleansing.


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    There is one more bidet seat for elderly and handicapped – Bidan. Found here:

    They are manufacturing various models.

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