Wiping Versus Washing: Which Cleans You Better?

March 19, 2009 by  
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bidetoneDeciding to get a bidet, ultimately, comes down to two choices.  Would you rather wipe or wash your bottom areas?

The Case For Wiping

Americans are notorious wipers.  They love the feel of toilet paper in their hands as they brush it across their posterior and genitals to clean whatever dirty items got left over after performing their regular body processes.

Wiping, to those who prefer it, probably feels like the best thing they can do to clean that bum.  Since you can vary the strength with which you rub over the area, you’re supposed to be able to remove any dirt that you want.  It can get sticky down there, after all.  “How can washing clean all that off,” they ask incredulously when someone suggests the idea of a bidet, “isn’t that gross?”

A second benefit to wiping, which we seldom hear about, is that you can throw those tissues on the same bowl and not have to see the output of your bodily excretion.  When you get up to flush, you don’t have to look at dirty chunks of soil, since all that toilet paper on the bowl is already covering it.

The Case For Washing

Washing posteriors has long been the cleansing method of choice for many Asians and Europeans.  To them, the idea is hardly gross.  In fact, isn’t it more unseemly to wipe with the offensive and the occasional caked soil regularly left over?  Can you really remove the E-Coli bacteria from just wiping it off?

When you use a bidet, you never even have to bring your hands near your bottom area, allowing the vigorous spray of water to clean the whole thing out for you.  Since you can adjust the water pressure from soft (if you’re just washing your genitals) to forceful (for tough-to-remove dirt) with a single touch of a button, you can clean your posterior out as thoroughly as you like.  There’s no smell, no leftover and definitely no more bacteria.

Would you rather wash your hands or wipe it before you eat?  Think about it.