Cleaning Your Toilet Seat Bidet

April 6, 2009 by  
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cleaningbidetA big concern among the toilet-paper crowd when they are first faced with using a bidet is how to clean it.  Since you’ve got it shooting water into your sensitive parts, it’s a fair anxiety too.  Too much can go wrong, after all, that can lead to some costly medical bills if the thing proves unhygienic.

The good news is that bidets are considered the most sanitary cleansing for your private areas for good reason.  Read on and find out why.

1.  Unless you buy a poorly-designed, third-rate variety, dirty water from your posterior will never land on the nozzle, in a circular pattern that many people are afraid of.  Bidets are tested many times to ensure that only clean water ever touches you down there – guaranteed.

2. Toilet seat bidets from popular manufacturers like Coco, Brondell and BioBidet are maintenance-free.  Their nozzles and jets often come with a self-cleaning feature too, making it unnecessary to clean them yourself.

3. In case you want to clean them yourself for your own peace of mind, simply wipe the areas down a damp cloth.  Some bidets, especially the more expensive models, also have a “quick release” feature that allows you to disassemble it in a jiffy, so you can clean each part individually.

4. For both carbon and iodine external water filters, bidet owners are advised to replace them every six months.  Most manufacturers recommend using an iodine filter for best results.