How To Use Premium Bidets For Best Results

April 7, 2009 by  
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premiumbidetThere aren’t any hard and fast rules for using a premium bidet with its host of options.  As such, you can put it to work for as long, as short, as hard or as gentle as you want.  For best (and non-wasteful) results, however, the following are generally considered as guidelines for optimal use.

1. Start water pressure slow and build up.  Too strong a gush of water (whether on the shower or one your bottom) can be an unpleasant surprise, especially early in the morning (or if you have hemorrhoids – ouch).  You can use the Pulsating option in premium bidets to automatically vary the water pressure in rapid succession.

2. If you are experiencing constipation problems, use either the Pulsating option to stimulate the anal muscles to push bowel out or the Enema function.

3. Use the Oscillating feature to induce a good cleans, even better perhaps than doing the Bidet dance.

4. Ideal use for bidets, including cleaning and drying, is usually 30 to 45 seconds.  Use at least 15 seconds of that time with the warm air dryer to ensure no wetness remains.

5. If you’re cleaning the posterior, stick to warm water – it just works much better than tap.  For the genital areas, you can save on the electric bill a sip by using regular water from the pipes.

Apart from that, routine maintenance is all that’s really needed to derive the best use out of your bidet for the long term.