Bidets In The Great Outdoors

March 16, 2009 by  
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portablebidetWhat do you do for hygiene down there when camping in the woods?  Do you pack rolls upon rolls of toilet paper?  Do you look for sticks and leaves that may do the job once you get to camp?

Today, more and more people are realizing the benefits of portable bidets when it comes to maintaining cleanliness while they’re enjoying the great outdoors.  Whether you’re hiking up a mountain trail or setting up a tent near a lake, bidets can facilitate a hygienic unsoiling even when you run out of toilet paper.

Will you really make space for several rolls of toilet paper to last you through the adventure?  In a situation where you want to pack as much survival supplies as you can, I’m pretty certain pulp tree wipers won’t figure high on the agenda.  Without toilet paper, are you really going to opt for fallen leaves, without having any idea how your skin will respond to them?  Going that route, while commendably brave, is also utterly reckless and unnecessary.

A portable bidet, on the other hand, can fit into a small slot in your backpack.  If there’s a water supply near your site, simply refill it and use liberally for a thorough and hassle-free cleansing.  Some battery-operated bidets even heat up the water you load into its tank, allowing you to spray a warm stream of cleansing onto your tush, a godsend for those cold mountain mornings!

Why suffer through the same travails as other outdoorsmen who’d much rather waste half their storage space stocking toilet paper or risk wiping their rears with irritating leaves and shrubs?  Do yourself a favor and get a portable bidet – every adventurer deserves one.