Standalone Bidet Types

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Toto Neorest 600 Shower ToiletWhile we tend to mainly focus on one specific type of bidet (the toilet seat bidet, due to our location in the US), there are actually several types that serve completely different purposes than the others. Most people in the United States don’t have room in their bathroom to install a separate, dedicated bidet (not to mention the extremely high cost of doing so), so the toilet seat bidet or a shower toilet is usually the best option.  However, let’s take a look at some of the different types of dedicated bidets that are out there:

Dedicated bidets are either standalone models or bidets that are built right in to the toilet that you purchase.  The added expense of hiring a plumber and installing one of the standalone models can make it quite prohibitive for most people and the shower toilets are extremely expensive compared to a plain toilet with a toilet seat bidet added on.  Nevertheless, some prefer the European feel of a standalone bidet while others enjoy having an all-in-one bidet toilet that is space-saving and integrated tightly together.

  • The Classic Bidet – This is separate from the toilet and requires you to move from the toilet after wiping with toilet paper.  You position yourself over the bowl and fill it with water using the faucets.  Then you splash yourself clean using the water from the bowl.
  • The French Bidet – This type of bidet is also separate from the toilet, but it shoots a jet of water out of the bottom of the bowl to help clean your genitals and anus without having to put your hands in the water and splash yourself.
  • The Shower Toilet – This fixture is basically a normal toilet which has bidet functions built right into it.  It uses retractable bidet nozzles and frequently has the same features of a high-end toilet seat bidet, such as warm air dry, adjustable seat and water temperatures, and different cleaning modes.

While dedicated bidets are more popular and make more sense in Europe, some people prefer them to toilet seat bidets.  If you have the space in your bathroom and don’t mind doing a little extra plumbing, they can make great additions to your household.  Check out our Shower Toilet Reviews to find the perfect toilet for your house.


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