Bidet Benefits – Menstruation

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Benefits of Using a Bidet for Menstruating WomenFor women who are going through menstruation, a bidet can be a fantastic way to feel clean and hygienic.  During this time, any irritation to the delicate tissues of the vagina or the urinary tract can cause dangerous infections.  This is why the gentle cleansing of a bidet can be extremely beneficial.

Doctors do not recommend that a woman use a douche or any other type of deodorant or vaginal wipe as it can lead to infection in a very sensitive area.  These techniques can also rid the vagina of beneficial bacteria which are necessary for vaginal health.  Using a bidet will provide a woman with a much more safe and effective way of cleansing themselves without the risk of infection.

Bidets can also help to eliminate embarassing odors that might result from a variety of reasons, including birth control pills and sexual stimulation.  Using a bidet ensures that a woman feels confident and fresh, without the same risks that common feminine hygiene products can provide.


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