Using The Bidet As A Diaper Sprayer

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clothdiapersDirty nappies has long been the bane of moms who used recyclable diapers, which is one of the major reasons why disposable units have become so popular in recent time.  With the increased focus on more sustainable lifestyles, though, cloth diapers have renewed their place among many parents’ arsenal of baby products.

With the growing use of bidets, it only makes sense for homeowners to find more and more uses for it.  One very practical application of the pressurized contraption has been as a diaper sprayer, allowing moms to use it for hosing the soil off their babies’ cloth nappies before washing them.

The home bidet has been the easiest and most sanitary bathroom implement to use for cleaning dirty diapers.  Just hold the soiled fabric over the toilet bowl and let the dirt wash off into the sewers, never to bother you again.

Hand-Held Bidets

Hand-held bidets are the easiest to use for washing those nappies.  Take the bidet on one hand while clutching at the diaper with the other and hose it down to your heart’s content. The solution has proven so good, in fact, that some wily marketers are now selling portable bidets as rebadged “diaper sprayers.”  It’s still the exact same thing, just sold with a different use in mind.

Traditional & Toilet Seat Bidets

Fixed bidets, like the traditional and toilet seat variety can also be used as nappy sprayers, of course.  In a similar way, take the diaper on one hand right over the bowl with your other hand on the controls.  Be careful with spraying, though.  You want to make sure the nozzle is aimed right at the nappy, lest get yourself sprayed on with an aerated gush of water!


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  1. Lauren @ Hobo Mama on Sat, 5th Feb 2011 12:18 pm 

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    I was just wondering this same thing & found your article in a search — thank you! I like the idea of having a bidet attachment and realized the hand-held ones look like the diaper sprayers I’ve seen. Since we’re doing cloth diapers with our next baby (due soon), I started wondering how multipurpose they were! Glad to hear either type can be used, so we can pick whichever type we like best as a bidet. 🙂 I’m looking forward to the comfort of it after giving birth, too!

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