Bathroom Amenities For A “Green” Bathroom

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greentoiletConcerned about the environment?  If you are, updating your bathroom with amenities that help in conservation efforts should be among your chief priorities when working to bring more sustainability into your home.

What things can you do to reduce your bathroom’s carbon footprint?

Install a bidet. If toilet paper and its excesses repulse you, there is no better replacement for it than a bidet.  Not only does it get rid of toilet paper’s wasteful manufacturing process,  it cleans and washes dirt off much better too.  You’ll not only spare a ton of trees from being cut down and turned into pulp, using a bidet prevents the use of tons of waters and chemicals to produce those sheets of posterior wipes.

Shower Timer. A shower timer is a good tool to keep tabs on your water usage.  Most people don’t even have any idea about how much clean water they’re flushing down the drain when they spend extended time under the shower.  With a shower timer, you can languor just enough to clean up and be immediately alerted when your shower time is reaching far beyond your cleaning needs.

Water-Saving Shower Heads. There are many new shower heads that help save water.  Instead of letting the stream of liquid out in the traditional way, it concentrates the gush so that less water needs to be sprayed out of the nozzle while offering the same refreshing wash.

Low-Consumption Lighting. Unless you’re shaving or putting on make-up in front of the bathroom mirror, there’s really no need to use high levels of illumination while you’re there.  In fact, you can use a relatively dim low-consumption light in the bathroom while accomplishing most needs to save bundles on electricity.


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